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Elegant Brand Integration

No other iPad kiosk in the market integrates into your environment so elegantly. Our secure and unobtrusive kiosks will make a bold impact to your clients.

Mounting Options

Our kiosks can be mounted in more places than any other competing kiosk - freestanding, counter top, wall-mounted, flexible arm, desk, car or on any VESA compliant mount.

Accessory Add-ons

A broad range of accessory add-ons are also available allowing the kiosk to adapt to your changing needs. Add-ons include a brochure rack, keyboard mount, card swipe as well as a variety of banner mounts.

Branding Options

A variety of branding options are also available including a 10" wide vinyl banner, a formed sintra surround or a 10" x 6" aluminium composite backdrop panel. All kiosk faceplates can be silk-screened with your brand.

Lightweight & Portable

With an integrated carrying handle and weighing less than 20lbs, our kiosks are the most mobile in the market. They "flat-pack" for easy transportation and the option to purchase a protective ATA travel case is also available.

Easy to Use & Secure

Our kiosks are the easiest to use in the market and are guaranteed to fit all future models of iPads like a glove! The kiosk is protected by a tamper-proof ABS enclosure with various options to hide or expose the iPad's power button, home button as well as front and rear facing cameras. The powder-coated tabular steel stand houses all the USB cables, making the kiosk tamper-proof. They also include an integral kensington and 3/8" lock point in a 1/4" thick steel plate to prevent theft. Thats tougher than some safes! For a more permanent solution, all kiosks include mount points that allow them to be bolted to a floor, counter top or wall.

ADA Compliant

ADA compliance is a critical liability that all businesses deploying kiosks must carefully consider. Our kiosks are the only ones in the market that are ADA compliant for a front wheelchair approach and complies with the new tougher 2012 ADA requirements for screen placement and height.

Made for iPad

Our kiosks are the only ones in the market that are made from materials that do not impede radio signals and comply with all of Apple's iPad case design requirements and pass their stringent MFI testing. Apple does not recommend iPad cases or enclosures that block or diminish radio signals. This means that there can be no metal surrounding the iPad as the data throughput and range would be greatly reduced for WiFi, 3g and bluetooth.

What to do with your old iPad?

Still got a first-generation iPad? Why discard your old ipad when you can use LobbyPad solutions to re-purpose it!

LobbyPad iPad Kiosk WiFI hotspot rental

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  • Art Galleries

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At LobbyPad®, we believe in the power of going mobile!
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